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Kerala: CPI(M) leaders told us to kill Congress leader Shuhaib, reveals former party member

Akash Thillankeri, a former CPI(M) member and an accused in the murder of Youth Congress leader in Kerala, S P Shuhaib, claimed, in a Facebook post, that he has committed murder on the orders of the CPI(M) leaders.

“Edayannur party leaders made us carry out the murder. If we open our mouths, many of them would not be able to walk in the open. Those who made the call have been given jobs in cooperative bodies. We, who carried out the order, have been pushed into poverty and thrown out of the party,” read Aakash’s Facebook comment.

“When the party denounced us, we had to turn to gold smuggling for our survival. No one from the party had tried to stop us or correct us. Now, I have lost my patience and have come out in the open so that people know the facts,” he said.

His comments appeared below the social media posts of local CPI(M) leaders. With this, the leaders deleted their posts.

Youth Congress local leader SP Shuhaib was killed by a group of men on the night of February 12 at Edayannur. Akash Thillenkeri and Rijin Raj, accused in the case, were dismissed by CPI(M) from the party following the accusations.

Jijo Thillankeri, a friend of Akash also wrote in a Facebook comment, “If you feel like killing, then you should kill, instead of kissing him.” His remark came in reply to a Facebook post criticising those involved in the murder of Shuhaib.


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