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Khargone: Muslim man killed, body found eight days after Hindutva violence

Missing for last eight days, Madhya Pradesh police found body of 28-year old Ibraish Khan at MY Hospital in Indore on Monday, 126-km away from Khargone where the anti-Muslim violence erupted last week.

On 10 April, as violence against Muslim by Hindutva groups broke out in Khargone city, Ibraish left home in Islampura area at 7.30 pm to offer evening prayers. He did not return.

Ibraish’s brother Ikhlaq Khan claimed that his brother was attacked by the Hindutva rioters on 10 April.

“He was hit by sword and stones. Despite death, police kept his death secret for eight days,” said his brother to news website News Click.

Brought along with the police, Ibraish’s brothers identified his body and took it for cremations back to Khargone, Indian Express journalist Iram Siddique tweeted.

“We searched the jail, rivers, drains…even brick kins. But there is no trace of him,” said mother of deceased Mumtaz (65) to Indian Express.

After waiting for four days, Ibraish’s family lodged a missing complaint on 14 April at the city’s Kotwali police station.

This is the first in the anti-Muslim violence in Khargone which broke out last week.

Anti-Muslim violence were reported in at least eight states including Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh last week as Hindutva outfits carried out rallies to celebrate Ram Navami.

A pattern is formed as sequences of events across India looked similar, on the same evening. A death was reported in Gujarat and more than 50 houses and shops were destroyed by Hindutva groups in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Mosques were also targeted by saffron activists.


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