Maharashtra: Court orders Muslim man to offer namaz 5 times a day, plant trees after conviction in road accident brawl

A magistrate court in Maharashtra’s Malegaon convicted a Muslim man in a road accident brawl case and ordered him to offer namaz five times a day and plant two trees as conditions for his release on admonition, instead of undergoing imprisonment, Bar and Bench reported.

The 30-year-old Rouf Khan had been booked in a 2010 case after he assaulted a man and hurt him over a road accident brawl. 

“According to me, giving appropriate warning means, to give an understanding that the crime had been committed, the accused has been proven guilty, and he remembers the same so that he does not repeat the offence again,”  said the Magistrate, Tejwant Singh Sandhu.

He opined that Section 3 of the Probation of Offenders Act of 1958 grants powers to a Magistrate to release a convict after admonition or appropriate warning so that he does not repeat the offence, the legal website reported.

The court ordered the convict to plant two trees in the premises of the Sonapura Masjid, where the crime had been committed.

After the accused had told the court that despite being a man following the Islamic faith, he was not offering regular namaz as stipulated in the religious texts, the court ordered the convict to offer namaz five times a day for the next 21 days.