Friday, June 14, 2024

Majority of cases in Delhi as asymptomatic: Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said that out of roughly 7000 COVID-19 cases in Delhi, approximately 1500 are in hospital. “Out of these 1500 in hospital, only 27 are on a ventilator. The majority of cases are mild or asymptomatic,” said Kejriwal.

“Those who have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic, the Delhi government have arranged that they can be treated at home. Our team goes to their home and checks everything. If they have all the resources, the patient is allowed to isolate at home. Our team calls them daily and are in touch with them. ” he further said.

Kejriwal also noted that most of the coronavirus deaths in the National Capital are all elderly people. “We have analysed that 82% of the people who have lost their lives were above the age of 50. We are seeing that there are more deaths among elderly people,” he said.

Speaking at a press conference, he said that more trains were being arranged for migrants. “I appeal to them not to travel on foot. It is not safe. We take your responsibility. We are here to take care of you,” the Delhi chief minister said.


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