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Mewat’s 21 year old Muslim youth dies after torture by Faridabad police

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21-year-old Junaid, resident of Jamalgarh in Mewat, lost his life days after he was mercilessly tortured by the cybercrime police in Faridabad in Haryana on Friday.

He succumbed to multiple severe injuries inflicted on him by police officers-  Rajesh, Surjit, Naresh, Narendra, Dalvir, Javed and Basant, according to a statement by his family. 

Demanding strict action against the officers, resident’s of Mewat’s Jamalgarh, along with Junaid’s family have come out in protest.  Almost entire village came to Hodal highway and blocked it with the youth’s body. Sources say protesters set a police vehicle on fire.

Apart from brutal torture leading to Junaid’s death, the police also took a bribe of Rs 70,000 from his family, used anti-Muslim slurs, had asked Junaid and his accomplices to sign blank papers, and threatened the family not to file a legal complaint against them, Junaid’s mother Khadija said in a written complaint. 

“If you file a complaint, I will make your entire family like Junaid’s state”, a police officer reportedly told Junaid’s brothers, his mother said.

Junaid was detained by the Fardibad cyber cell on 31 May while he was returning from a relative’s wedding ceremony. After Junaid and his other accomplices crossed the Sunhara border (Haryana-Rajasthan border), the police detained them and took them to the police station where they were brutally tortured.

The family alleged he was illegally picked up and detained without an FIR and arrested by the Faridabad police.

On 1 June, Junaid’s brothers- Irshad and Azad reached the station, seeking his release. “The police let him go after taking a bribe of Rs 70,000. However, on 5 June, the police detained Irshad and Azad.” Junaid’s nephew Saddam told Maktoob.

After Junaid came home, he was treated at a nearby hospital. However, he died 8 days later on 11 June at 9 pm.

Junaid’s mother Khadija is a widow, she has three sons- one she lost to police torture while the other two remain under police custody. 

This is a developing story.

Additional reporting by Rushda Fatima Khan.


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