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Missing Bangladeshi MP confirmed murdered in Kolkata

West Bengal police confirmed that Bangladeshi MP Anwarul Azeem Anar who disappeared in Kolkata on May 13 was murdered. While the investigation is going on, the body has not been found yet. 

Anar, a prominent three-time MP of Bangladesh’s ruling party Awani League, was residing in a rented apartment in North Kolkata’s New Town.  

A communication from The Ministry of External Affairs indicated a probable homicide on May 20, which was later confirmed by Bangladesh’s Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan. It was then followed by the statement by Khan on Wednesday, in which he revealed that three suspects had been detained in Dhaka in connection with the crime.

“The Indian authorities informed us about the murder. After he was reported missing, we received crucial information from the Indian police, which led to the arrests. We are actively collaborating with the Indian investigation. The murder was premeditated and occurred at a residence in Kolkata,” Khan stated.

His disappearance was reported on May 18 by his associate Gopal Biswas, who had lodged a complaint with the Baranagar police after failing to contact Anar, according to The Times of India.

In response, the Barrackpore Police Commissionerate set up a Special Investigation Team to trace the missing politician. According to the CCTV footage, Anar was seen entering the New Town housing complex on May 13 with two men and a woman. 

He was, however, not spotted leaving the complex. The other three were seen leaving the complex separately from May 13 to May 15, with two of them carrying big bags.

According to the initial findings of the ongoing investigation, the MP was allegedly killed inside the apartment, where his body was chopped and then disposed of by packaging them in multiple plastic bags. 

This incident has prompted Bangladeshi and Indian authorities to work together to uncover the details of the premature death of Anar.

While addressing the reporters in Bangladesh, IGP Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun said, “The Indian police and we are jointly working on this. We are cooperating with the Indian police.”

In Dhaka, the MP’s daughter Mumtarin Firdous Dorin spoke to the reporters saying, “I have been informed that my father has been murdered. I want the accused arrested and punished.”

“I want justice for my father’s murder. I met the chief of the Detective Branch and requested him to find out why my father was killed and who killed him,” she added.


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