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Minorities feel alienated in the country under Modi rule: Romila Thapar

In an interview with Tiranga TV’s Karan Thapar, well-known historian Romila Thapar has slammed Narendra Modi-led government and said minorities feel alienated under his leadership.

She had appeared on Karan Thapar’s show UpFront on April 15 to talk about Indian General Election 2019 and Narendra Modi’s five year rule.

Important points from Karan Thapar’s conversation with Romila Thapar, most read Indian historian as well as an Emeritus professor whose principal area of study is ancient India:

*Current elections as important as the first general election and 1977 general election.

*It is a choice between Hindu Rashtra and secular government.

*Economic promises turned out to be a failure.

*They claimed demonetisation was going to end corruption. But corruption only increased.

*Modi concentrated on what brings him publicity.

*Minorities feel alienated in the country.

*Gau Rakshak program has terrorized the people.

*Government put people in jail without proper trials.

*Government has dismantled academic institutions. It is all tied up to RSS and BJP’s ultimate goal. Their goal is to create a Hindu Rashtra.

*RSS has associated with European Fascism. RSS leaders were deeply impressed by Mussolini

Watch the full interview on YouTube:


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