MP: Muslim Student assaulted by Hindutva men for speaking to Hindu friend

A Muslim student was beaten up by a Hindutva group for speaking to a Hindu girl, who is his friend from the same college, in Madhya Pradesh‘s Khandwa.

The student who is pursuing Masters in Computer Science was talking to his friend about books when a group of Hindutva men took him aside, slapped brutally thrashed him with canes, according to Hindutva Watch.

Though the student who was identified as Shahbaz lodged a complaint against assaliants, no one is arrested so far.

The assailants belong to Hindu Jagaran Manch, Madhya Pradesh based journalist Kashif Kakvi tweeted.

The assaliants also forced the girl and her family to lodge a molestation case against Shahbaz.

According to Kakvi, “the preparators are well-known criminals who target inter-faith friends.”

The same group also allegedly assaulted a Muslim man drinking cold drink with a friend at a popular shop of city on 8 January. When the video of assault surfaced internet, Muslim leaders met with SP Vivek Singh demanding action. SP Khandwa had assured to arrest the HJM men invoking stringent sections.