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Muslim man lynched to death in Haryana

Photo: Meer Faisal

Asif Khan, a Muslim gym trainer from Mewat district, Haryana, was lynched to death by Hindu vigilante groups on Sunday night, after forcing him to chant “Jai Shree Raam”, a prayer turned warcry by the Hindu nationalist militants.

Speaking to Maktoob, Khan’s relatives claimed that he was travelling with his friends from Khalilpur, his home village, to Sohna to get medicines.

“A group of 15 stopped the car and started abusing the passengers. They shouted “maar mulle ko” — Kill Muslims— and lynched Khan”, Hasan Kha, Khan’s uncle told Maktoob.

The Haryana police have filed an FIR against the accused under IPC 302. But no arrest have been made so far, according to the family.

Rashid (31) and Wasif (22), co-passengers with Khan were also assaulted but survived the attack. Rashid remains in critical care.

“The mob hit the car from behind and when they stopped the car they hurled stones at the car,” says Hasan. ” The other two escaped the attack but Khan was captured and lynched”.

Khan was found dead in Nangli, a village on the outskirts of Sonha, Haryana. Khan’s relative also shared that there is a history of hostility between Khan and Hindu groups in his village.

Heavy police deployment can be seen in Kalilpur village during the funeral of Asif Khan on Monday. The family urged to pursue the case and remain calm.

Mewat, one of the most backward districts in India have dozens of incidents of lynching by Hindu militant groups. Mob lynching of Muslims and other minorities have surged in India since Modi’s Hindu nationalist regime came to power in 2014.


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