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Muslim man’s custodial death: SC dismisses Tripura govt’s plea, orders ₹10 lakh compensation for family

Supreme Court has dismissed a special leave petition (SLP) filed by Tripura government against the Tripura HC judgment in connection with a Muslim man’s death in judicial custody.

Accusing the state government of murdering a 27-year-old Muslim man Jamal Hossain inside the police station, the Supreme Court on 21 October directed the government to pay compensation of Rs. 10,000,000 to the deceased’s family.

Hossain was beaten to death by the cops in Sonamura police station on 14 September 2021. The police officers have been claiming that Hossain was died due to heart attack.

Following the Hossain’s death, the wife, mother and minor children of the deceased filed a writ petition in the Tripura High Court seeking justice for Hussain and demanding compensation. The division bench of Chief Justice Indrajit Mehanthi and Justice SG Chattopadhyay in its judgment delivered on 12 June this year unequivocally said that the death of Jamal Hussain was a result of violence and the state government cannot avoid the responsibility of his murder in any way.

“In these highly suspicious facts and circumstances of the case custodial violence on the deceased, as alleged, cannot be brushed aside. Having said so, we are of the view that it would not be inappropriate to award a reasonable amount of monetary compensation to the petitioners for the death of Jamal Hossain in police lockup,” the High Court had remarked.

Hossain’s mother, family and children. Photo courtesy to Neer Bhik

The High Court directed to pay Rs 10,000,000 compensation to the family of the deceased within four weeks. However, the Tripura government approached the Supreme Court without paying the compensation.

27 years old Hossain was serving as a Cleaner in Dubai and came home in September 2021 to enjoy his vacation with his family consisting of his mother, wife, and children. Hossain was scheduled to return to Dubai on 22 September, 2021, however, on 14 September, 2021, at about 11.30 pm a police team consisting of 6/7 police personnel came to his house, caught hold of him, and started beating him and thereafter, they took him to the police station. The next day, the family members were informed that Hossain had died in the lockup.


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