Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Muslim men assaulted by Bajrang Dal, detained for joining Hindu friend’s birthday party in Indore

Photo courtesy to ABP

A group of Bajrang Dal members assaulted Muslim men celebrating their Hindu friend’s birthday in Mig Colony in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore district. The Muslim men were also taken to the police station.

Bajrang Dal men barged inside the flat of a 24-year-old girl who was celebrating her birthday with her friends. Alleging ‘love jihad,’ the Hindutva mob abused and assaulted the Muslim men at the party. The saffron mob let her Hindu friends go.

A viral video showed the assailants attacking Muslim youth while sloganeering “Jai Shri Ram.” They also informed the police, who took the Muslim youth to Mig Colony Police Station. Bajrang Dal members followed the police vehicle carrying Muslim men, a video shared by journalist Kashif Kakvi showed.

Meanwhile, the Hindu girl who was forced to register a complaint against the Muslim men refused to lodge a police complaint. She told the police there was no love jihad angle in this case, and she was celebrating her birthday with friends.

Bajrang Dal leader Manoj Yadav told reporters that they barged into the girl’s home because they learned that Muslims and Hindus were celebrating together. “The girl’s family also informed us this,” he said.

When asked, Mig Colony Police officer Seema Sharma said there was no love jihad or forced conversion angle in the incident. She also said the police would investigate the incident in detail.


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