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Muslim Personal Law Board members say Muslims don’t need ‘alternative mosque’ in Ayodhya

All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) members and Babari Masjid Action Committee representatives SQR Ilyas and Zafaryab Jilani alleged that Sunni Central Waqf Board is working under the pressure of the government and reiterated its stand that the “Muslims don’t need an alternative mosque in Ayodhya.”

“We have rejected the proposal to accept land for the mosque at any other place. We lost the title suit and so we don’t need a land for a mosque,” Ilyas said about
the mosque which is planned to come up in Ayodhya following last year’s Supreme Court verdict, reported news agency PTI.

Convenor of the Babri Masjid Action Committee Zafaryab Jilani said the new mosque in Ayodhya was against the Waqf Act and illegal under the Shariat laws.

“According to the Waqf Act, mosques or land of mosques cannot be bartered. The proposed mosque in Ayodhya violates the Act. It violates the Shariat law as the Waqf Act is based on the Shariat,” he said.

However, design of a new mosque planned in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya was revealed on December 20. The UP Sunni Central Waqf Board unveiled the blueprint, work on which will begin once the Faizabad Panchayat District Board gives its approval..

According to PTI report, Athar Hussain, the secretary of a trust formed to build the mosque in Ayodhya, however, said everyone interprets the Shariat in their own way and when the land has been allotted under the directive of the Supreme Court, it cannot be illegal

Last year, Supreme Court awarded the Babri mosque site to Hindus, handing the BJP a victory to drive home its Hindu nationalist agenda.

In its ruling last November, the court ordered the entire disputed area of 2.77 acres to be allocated to Hindus for the construction of the temple. also asked the government to provide five acres (two hectares) of land to Muslims at another location as a substitute for the land they had lost. But the verdict dealt a defeat to Muslims, who claim the mosque land.

The Babri mosque had been at the site in Ayodhya until December 6, 1992, when it was destroyed by Hindu militants.

The demolition of the 16th-century mosque which was constructed under the rule of the first Mughal Emperor Babar, triggered attacks against Muslims and genocides of Muslims in parts of India that continued for months. More than 2,000 Muslims were killed.


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