Muslim spiritual leader, 35, shot dead in Maharashtra’s Nashik

A 35-year-old Muslim spiritual leader from Afghanistan Khwaja Sayyad Chishti, popular locally as “Sufi Baba”, was shot dead in Maharashtra’s Nashik on Tuesday.

He was killed at a spot around 200 km from Mumbai and was shot in the head and died instantly, the police said.

The killers escaped in one of his SUVs.

The police said Sayyad Chishti may have been killed over a plot of land that he had acquired with help from local people since he could not buy land in the country as an Afghanistan citizen.

His driver is the main suspect, NDTV reported. Sayyad Chishti’s driver was named by witnesses, said police officer Sachin Patil. The suspect is being questioned.

“Sufi Baba” had lived in Nashik’s Yeola town for several years, according to the police, who ruled out any religious motive in the killing.