Names of BJP Men Involved in Anuj Loya’s Press Conference

Amaresh Misra writes:

The backroom manoeuvre of the press conference held by 21 year old ANUJ LOYA, son of deceased Justice Loya:

The case of the death of Justice Loya was scheduled for hearing on Monday, 15th January 2018 by a SC bench of Justice Arun Mishra. 4 senior-most SC judges had protested the assignment of this important case to Justice Arun Mishra, who is perceived to be very close to the BJP.

BJP President Amit Shah held a conference call with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley & Railways Minister Piyush Goyal on Friday, 12th January soon after the SC bench postponed the hearing on Justice Loya to Monday. On the call, it was decided that to strengthen Justice Arun Mishra’s case, a clear signal needed to be sent that this is a ‘politically motivated’ case so Justice Mishra can hear it in the SC and overshadow hearing by the Bombay HC.

Since the BJP team had previously persuaded Judge Loya’s son to write a letter refuting any suspicion over his father’s death, they decided it was best to showcase him in public in front of TV cameras this time. Piyush Goyal was assigned this task as before. Goyal contacted HITESH JAIN a lawyer in Mumbai who is also a BJP spokesperson & works closely with Goyal and Hiren Joshi in the PMO regarding party affairs.

Hitesh Jain in turn got in touch with his lawyer friend AMEET NAIK & persuaded him to chaperone this press conference. A written script was prepared for Anuj Loya by these two lawyers. This was edited and approved by Goyal & Amit Shah.

The press conference was hastily convened on Sunday, 14th Jan at 6pm, just in time for the SC hearing of the case the next day. The venue was Ameet Naik’s fellow lawyer’s office in Mumbai. Hitesh Jain personally called/communicated with various media outlets prior to the press conference, urging them to cover it live.

Ameet Naik is the lawyer seen guiding and goading Anuj Loya at the press conference. The press interaction raised more questions than answers.

1: Why did Anuj Loya choose the date, time & venue he did for the press conference? Did he really do this on his own? Why was Hitesh Jain, a BJP affiliate involved in this press conference?
2: Why did Anuj Loya not take any questions?
3: Why did other family members such as Anuj Loya’s own aunt and uncle refute his statement that they do not have any suspicion of their brother’s death?
4: If it is indeed a natural death, then why fear a judicial inquiry?

Amaresh Misra is a writer, historian, script-writer and politician and is based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. He shared this write-up in his facebook wall originally.


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