Wednesday, April 24, 2024

“Narendra Modi, Amit Shah think we’ll go silent if…”: Rahul Gandhi

Former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi Thursday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi over what he claimed was pressure tactics to silence him and other opposition voices using central agencies.

“If you are talking about National Herald, the entire matter is about intimidation. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah think that with a little pressure we will go silent. But we won’t. Whatever Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are doing against democracy, we will stand our ground,” Gandhi told reporters.

On a question by reporters about a threat by the BJP that Rahul Gandhi would be left with “no place to run,” Gandhi answered, “Who is talking about running? They are the ones who talk of running. We won’t be intimidated. We are not scared of Narendra Modi, do whatever you want, it doesn’t matter. I will keep doing my job, that is to protect democracy, to maintain harmony in the country.”

Rahul Gandhi was questioned by the Enforcement Directorate in a money laundering case in June for nearly 50 hours over five days. Congress chief Sonia Gandhi was also questioned by the central agency over alleged money laundering connected to the National Herald newspaper.


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