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‘New FIR the moment he gets bail in one case, vicious cycle’: SC in Zubair case

The Supreme Court on Monday observed that it seems to be a “vicious cycle” where the moment Alt News co-founder Mohammad Zubair gets bail in one case, there is another FIR against him in Uttar Pradesh.

The top court agreed to hear Zubair’s plea on July 20, who is seeking to quash six FIRs lodged against him in Uttar Pradesh.

The court also directed that no precipitative steps be taken against Zubair in connection with five FIRs lodged against him in the state for outraging religious feelings.

“In the meantime, we direct that no precipitative steps shall be taken against the petitioner (Zubair) in connection with any of the five FIRs, which have been extracted above (in the order), without the leave of this court,” a bench of Justices D Y Chandrachud and A S Bopanna said.

“What seems to be happening is the moment he got bail in Delhi, he got bail in Sitapur, the moment that happens, there is another FIR or he is produced in another FIR,” the bench orally said while calling it a “vicious cycle.”

However, Zubair who is already in judicial custody, will continue to remain in jail since no bail has been granted yet.

The top court had earlier granted him interim bail in an FIR registered in Sitapur.

While hearing, counsel Vrinda Grover contended that the FIRs are an abuse of process.

“There are have been cash rewards announced for registering FIR or to get him arrested. It was said that FIR must be registered to stop relentless attacks on Hindus and the Hindu gods and this act should be on the basis of Dharma. There was a video put up on how to register complaint, this is how criminal law machinery has to be used to target a journalist whom you do not agree with,” Grover said.

She further submitted there are direct threats of getting him killed.

“There has been no action against any twitter handle by the UP Police. on the same subject matter multiple proceedings have been initiated. now they want to go to Calcutta, to Mumbai etc,” she said.


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