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No order on compulsory Aadhaar- mobile phone linking: Supreme Court

If you have linked your mobile phone numbers with Aadhaar, because your mobile operator threatens to disconnect your SIM otherwise and that it has been made mandatory by the government to do so, then this piece of news will make you regret it. The Government of India asked its citizens to link their phone numbers with Aadhaar, stating that the Supreme Court has made it mandatory. However, on Wednesday, the Supreme Court denied this ever happened.

“In the Lokniti Foundation case, the SC has not directed linking of SIM with UID. But the Union government’s circular says so. There was no direction by the court…” Justice D Y Chandrachud said.  Senior advocate Rakesh Dwivedi agreed, representing the government agreed with the statement. This can indirectly mean to be taken as an admission by the government that they had lied to enforce Aadhaar on the people.

In a circular that was issued by TRAI, it clearly states that the government is making phone linking compulsory to comply with the Supreme Court. This was further validated by government officials including the IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad who tweeted: “Yes! You need to link your mobile number with Aadhaar as directed by the Supreme Court.”

The government had instructed telecom companies to start linking phone numbers, and even convey that numbers not linked will be deactivated. Several deadlines were made to ignite in people an urgency to link the same. “There was no such direction from the Supreme Court, but you took it and used it as tool to make Aadhaar mandatory for mobile users,” the Supreme Court bench said on Wednesday after pulling out the initial order on Aadhaar.

Report – Rabeeha Abdurehim


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