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Manipur ethnic violence: Mother, son among three killed in mob attack on ambulance

A Meitei woman married to a Kuki man, her son and a relative are feared dead after an ambulance was set on fire by a mob in Imphal on Sunday, The Indian Express reported. The ambulance was taking the child to the hospital and was being escorted by police personnel.

In a detailed report by Scroll, Seven-year-old Tongsing Hangsing was hit by a bullet splinter on June 4 inside the Assam Rifles’ camp, where his family had taken refuge amidst the ethnic clashes in the state.

According to the family, the bullet first hit the iron rods in the window from where a splinter ricocheted to hit Tongsing in the head. Another bullet splinter struck Tongsing’s mother Meena Hangsing’s hand.

Ethnic violence between Kuki and Meitei communities in the northeastern state since May 3 has killed at least 100 people.

Reports don’t confirm who fired at the family but suggest the child must be caught in the crossfire since the camp is located amidst Kuki and Meitei villages.

The injured mother and son were taken to a hospital in Imphal in an ambulance, escorted by S Ibomcha, the police superintendent of Imphal West.

Lydia Lourembam, a neighbour who belongs to the Meitei community, also accompanied them.

The ambulance was stopped by a mob in Imphal West’s Iroisemba area and burnt down with Tonsing, Meena and Lidia still inside. The police convoy was also attacked.

Hangsing was a native of the Kangchup area in Kangpokpi district’s border with Imphal West. The area has been seeing heavy exchange of fire in the second wave of violence across the state since May 27.


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