Sunday, December 3, 2023

“Not afraid. I am on path of Karunanidhi, Ambedkar, Periyar…”: Udhayanidhi on seer’s Rs 10 crore bounty for his head

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Tamil Nadu minister and DMK leader Udhayanidhi Stalin called out a Hindu seer from Ayodhya who announced a bounty of Rs 10 crore ‘for his head.’

“Why do you like my head so much?” asked Udhayanidhi who has been facing the hate campaign from Hindutva corners over his statements against Sanatana Dharma.

Paramhans Acharya, a seer from Ayodhya, released a video that showed him holding a poster of Udhayanidhi in one hand and a sword in the other, and staging the symbolic beheading of the DMK leader . He was also seen setting the poster on fire. The seer announced a reward of Rs 10 crore for anyone who beheads Udhayanidhi.

“I would like to tell him to first read the history of Sanatan Dharma and then comment against it. He should apologise for whatever he has said against our Sanatan Dharma, and if he does not apologise, no matter if he is the son of a chief minister, he will get the punishment. If his head doesn’t get beheaded, I will increase the bounty; if at all required, I will myself behead him, Paramhans Acharya said.

Reacting to the video, Udhayanidhi said, “Today a swamy (seer) announced Rs 10 crore bounty for my head. He said whoever beheads Udayanidhi will get Rs 10 crore. Is he a real saint or a duplicate one? Why do you like my head so much? From where are you getting so much money? Why are you announcing Rs 10 crore to comb my hair? I will do it on my own if you give me a Rs 10 comb.”

Tamil Nadu minister, however, remained firm on his statement on the Sanatana Dharma.

“You all know what has been happening for the last two days in Tamil Nadu. It’s that one word, all speaking mostly, Sanatan Dharma, not only in Tamil Nadu but all over India, people are talking about me,” said Udhayandhi.

He added: “In Chennai, the day before yesterday, a conference was held that was named the Sanatan Dharma Eradication Conference. What I said in it is, that Sanatan Dharma should be eradicated like we eradicate mosquitoes, malaria, dengue, cholera, and COVID. In that stage itself, I said that what I said now would make many people’s stomachs burn. What I said has been done.”

“The same situation happened to Karunanidhi too, where a saint said before that if someone chops off Karunanidhi’s head, he will be rewarded one crore rupees. Karunanidhi said that even if you give 100 crores, I can’t even comb my hair. I am on the path of Karunanidhi and Ambedkar. Periyar, Anbazhagan, and our leader (Stalin) who struggles till now to eradicate Sanatan Dharma, and till that, the DMK will struggle,” he added.

“I will again and again talk on the issue that I spoke at the event on Saturday. I will speak more. I told that day itself that I am going to talk about the issue which is going to irritate many and that is what has happened,” he told reporters.

“Women were confined indoors but they have come out. They said women cannot get education, only Dravidam gave them education. Even the breakfast scheme in Tamil Nadu is to ensure more children, especially girls, get education,” Udhayanidhi Stalin said.

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