Thursday, April 18, 2024

One day, a hijab wearing woman will become Prime Minister: Asaduddin Owaisi

AIMIM supremo and MP Asaduddin Owaisi on Sunday declared that a girl wearing a hijab would be the Prime Minister of India one day.

Owaisi’s statement comes amid the ongoing protest of Muslim girls in Karnataka against hijab han in educational institutions. The protest is gaining international attention now.

Addressing an audience, Owaisi can be heard saying in the video, “I may not be alive to see it, but mark my words, one day a hijab-wearing girl will be the Prime Minister.”

“If our daughters decide and tell their parents they want to wear hijabs, their parents will support them. Let’s see who can stop them!,” said Owaisi.

He also said that women wearing hijabs will go to college, become district collectors, magistrates, doctors, businesswomen and so on.

Over the past few weeks, Hindu students and Hindutva mobs have protested against Muslim women wearing hijabs to college at several places in Karnataka.

Meanwhile, the Karnataka High Court on Thursday directed students not to wear “religious clothes” till an order is passed on the matter of whether students should be allowed to cover their heads in hijabs in educational institutions.


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