Petrol price in India hits record Rs 108.67

The latest price revision pushed the cost of petrol in Mumbai to a record Rs 103.63 per litre. Diesel price in the city went up to Rs 95.72.

Petrol prices have crossed Rs 100 per litre in seven states and Union Territories – Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Ladakh and Karnataka.

The oil marketing companies on Tuesday increased the prices of petrol and diesel across the country by 25 to 28 paise per litre after a day’s pause.

The fuel prices in India have surged 28 times since May 4.

Petrol price in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar city where usually reports the highest fuel rates in the country, rose to Rs 108.67. The price of diesel went up to Rs 100.40.

Bengaluru is another major city where the price of petrol is above Rs 100. On Tuesday, petrol price in the city reached Rs 100.76, while a litre of diesel cost Rs 93.54.

In the national capital Delhi, petrol and diesel cost Rs 97.5 and 88.23, respectively. In Chennai, the price of petrol went up to Rs 98.65 per litre. Diesel rate rose to Rs 92.83. In Kolkata, the price of petrol went up to Rs 97.38 per litre. Diesel rate rose to Rs 91.08.