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Photos: Muslim women take to Kerala’s streets warning “hands off my hijab”

Hundreds marched through the Kozhikode beach in Kerala on Sunday to protest against the hijab ban in Karntaka’s educational institutions. The protest was organised under the banner of “Muslimah Collective.” Photo: Thoufeeq K

Hundreds marched through the Kozhikode beach in Kerala on Sunday to protest against the hijab ban in Karnataka’s educational institutions.

The demonstration was called by Muslim women activists, and also received backing from various groups and activists in the southern Indian state.

Protesters carried banners reading “Hands off my hijab”, “Allahu Akbar”, “This is state oppression,” and “Muslim lives matter.”

Icons of Jamia Millia Islamia’s historic anti-CAA agitation, Aysha Renna and Ladeeda Farzana, MediaOne TV senior news editor Nishad Ravuthar, veteran rights activist CK Abdul Azeez, singers Sameer Binsi and Izza Ahsan, state leaders of Girls Islamic Organisation of India, Campus Front of India, Fraternity Movement and Women Justice Movement, former Haritha leader Ashikha, queer activist Naseema Nasrin and many others addressed the crowd.

Photos by Thoufeeq K

Muslim women carrying the placard reading “Allahu Akbar.” Muskan, a Muslim college student from Karnataka has become the face of the Muslim women’s resistance for taking on a Hindu crowd shouting “Jai Shri Ram” as she fought to protect the right to wear the headscarf in school. The girl reacted by raising her hand and shouting back: “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is Great). Photo: Thoufeeq K
Protesters carrying the banner reading “We will decide our slogans.” Photo: Thoufeeq K
A child waves toward the protesting crowd. Photo: Thoufeeq K
Millions of Muslim women in India wear the hijab and the burka every day – but the choice has turned controversial in recent weeks after Hindutva groups started the anti-Muslim campaign in Karnataka. Photo: Thoufeeq K
“Hijab is an integral part of our faith,” said the Muslim women activists who spoke during the event. Photo: Thoufeeq K
Aysha Renna, Nida Parveen, Fayiza CA, and Ladeeda Farzana who were the forefront leaders of the anti-CAA movement in the national capital in 2019 joined the protest. Photo: Photo: Thoufeeq K
Protesters looked to be in happy spirits with Izza Ahsan performing. Photo: Thoufeeq K
Muslim queer activist Naseema Nazrin carrying the placard reading “This is state oppression.” Photo: Thoufeeq K
Muslim women activists with calligraphy art. Photo: Thoufeeq K
Raniya Zulaikha, student leader raising the slogans against Islamophobia. Photo: Thoufeeq K
Several boys in Kozhikode city joined the protests called by Muslim women activists. Photo: Thoufeeq K
“Even if you hate, I wrap my hijab,” read a poster. Photo: Thoufeeq K
Thoufeeq K
Thoufeeq K
Thoufeeq K is a photografer based in Kozhikode and he studies at Farook College, Kozhikode.

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