Police arrest Hindu youth pretended to be Muslim, justified Shraddha Walkar murder

The Uttar Pradesh police Thursday arrested a man named Vikas Kumar who pretended to be a Muslim and supported Aaftab Amin Poolawala, who brutally murdered his live-in girlfriend Shraddha Walkar (27) and chopped her body into several pieces.

“Vikas has a criminal record, with cases registered against him in Bulandshahr and Noida relating to theft and carrying illegal arms,” Bulandshahr Senior Superintendent of Police Shlok Kumar said, NDTV reported.

Vikas Kumar pretended to be Rashid Khan while speaking to a reporter in Delhi on the murder case.

Vikas justified Aaftab’s actions, saying such things happen in rage, and not just 35, it could have been 36 pieces as well.

Days before, Police in the capital, Delhi, have arrested Aftab on allegations of murdering his live-in partner of three years.

Police allege that Aftab murdered 27-year-old Shraddha Walkar in May, chopped up her body into dozens of pieces, stored them in his home fridge and, over the past few months, went around disposing them off – a piece at a time – in different parts of the city.

The death came to light only last week after Walkar was reported missing by her father.