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“Police forced to sign without informing content,” says Altaf’s father

Following the death of Altaf (22), in police custody, after he was arrested in connection with the disappearance of a Hindu girl, Altaf’s family alleges that they were asked to sign without the knowledge of the content written. 

The police have produced a letter stating that Altaf was in depression signed by the family after they claimed that Altaf had hanged himself on a tap in the police station washroom, which was found to be only two feet long from the ground.

Altaf’s family has alleged that he was murdered in custody while the police claim that he hanged himself to a tap using the drawstring of his jacket hood.

While the letter signed by Chand Miyan states that his son was in depression and absolves the Uttar Pradesh Police of any blame for his son’s death, Miyan, a daily wage labourer, says he is illiterate and was insisted by the Circle Officer to put his thumb impression.

Chand Miyan also alleged that the police mistreated the family and warned them not to come to the police station again. They were also not produced before a magistrate on Tuesday.

Following the incident, opposition leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted “Is there anything called human rights left in Uttar Pradesh?” Along with Gandhi, Samajwadi president Akhilesh Yadav demanded investigation over the incident.

As of now, 5 police officials are suspended for negligence of duty after Altaf allegedly killed himself. While the police say the injuries revealed around the neck in the post mortem of Altaf are consistent with their suicide theory, there is an absence of any other evidence. 

Last December, the Supreme Court had ordered that all police stations in and investigation agencies – including the CBI, National Investigation Agency, and Enforcement Directorate, must have CCTV cameras with night vision and audio recording installed. 

However,  not many police stations in Uttar Pradesh have got CCTVs so far.


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