Proud children of an extremely strong father: Sanjiv Bhatt’s children on Father’s Day

Sanjiv Bhatt, former Indian Police Service officer, became a target of Narendra Modi after he deposited against him to the commission which investigated 2002 Gujarat Muslim genocide. Bhatt was removed from service and later implicated in a 30-year-old custodial murder case. The ex-cop was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2019, with no evidence against him.

On 19 June 2022, on Father’s Day, Aakashi Bhatt and Shantanu Bhatt, children of Sanjiv Bhatt penned an emotional note and shared on Facebook.


This is Aakashi and Shantanu Bhatt,

Dearest Dad….

Today is Father’s day – a day when the world celebrates Fathers; but for Shan and I, each day has, and continues to be a day of immense pride and honour to have you as our father!

Every second of these last 4 years of us being torn apart have felt like an eternity. While yet another year has passed when we do not get to hold you tight and wish you a very Happy Father’s day, our fight for justice against this totalitarian regime continues ….

Dad, words have never been able to, and will never be able to do justice to what you mean to us… You are what Shan and I aspire to be every single day of our lives… you are our very being, our soul and our strength.

In these last few years, while the nation witnessed brave men and women stand up against this fascist regime, I came to the realisation that while walking the tumultuous path of life, one often comes across individuals who, while fighting for the greater good, often break and crumble, having been driven beyond the point of endurance by draconian forces…

However, once in a lifetime, one comes across an individual, who, in the face of even utmost adversity will always remain indomitable in their resolve, unbroken in their spirit and unconquerable in their courage. Nothing can break their unwavering strength and integrity – You dad, are the definition of such a Man.

A Man, who is a brave upright officer, the voice of thousands of victims of hate and violence, the man who’s truth and integrity poses an un-dismissible threat to this fascist regime, the man who is an inspiration for generations to come, the man who we and tens and thousands of others draw their fighting spirit and strength from…. The man who we have the absolute honour to call our Father !

Dad, these are indeed trying times, but like I have said before, I am certain, with every fibre of my being that you will come out of this victorious and stronger than ever before.

This is an uphill battle… But we will fight, we will resist, we will prevail – that I am certain!

This time next year, we will not be writing to you, but will be running around early in the morning trying to whip up a Father’s Day breakfast for you to enjoy with us, your family in the warmth and comfort of our home!

We love you more than words can ever do justice…

Happy Father’s Day dad…

Proud children of an extremely strong Father!