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Pondicherry University says no PG scholarship for student protesters

Pondicherry University Academic Coordinator on Tuesday issued a new order with the condition to not award the Post Graduate Scholarship for students who protested during the semester. In spontaneous response, Pondicherry University Students Council rejected the order calling it ‘unconstitutional’.

“It’s no surprise. The administration has been targetting students since long with fees and exams,” Students Council President Parichay Yadav told Maktoob.

More than 70% attendance and ‘ensuring not participating in the protest during the semester’ are the condition to claim the University PG scholarship according to the circular.

Students are baffled by the new order which could put many students’ claim for the scholarship at stake. The campus saw many protests during the semester in which hundreds of students participated.
Students council president Parchay Yadav’s Facebook post

Most of the students had participated in protests mostly protests against fee hike and Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) last year and now they are being denied scholarship.

Dozens of students were detained during the fees hike protest in February which disrupted the convocation that had the Vice president of India, Venkaiah Naidu as the chief guest.

The students union couldn’t get any clarification from the administration about the new orders. “The administration in its new approach has stopped responding to students union,” Yadav responded to enquires about the response from faculties.

“We will begin a new movement against the administration in the coming days,” Yadav added observing the actions of the university administration ‘anti-poor’.


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