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Rahul Gandhi recalls phone calls about Indira, Rajiv’s assassinations at Bharat Jodo Yatra Finale

At Bharat Jodo Yatra Finale, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi recalled how he received phone calls to tell him about the assassination of his grandmother (Indira Gandhi) and father (Rajiv Gandhi) and said that the aim of the Bharat Jodo Yatra is to stop such phone calls to families of security personnel and common people.

The former Congress chief accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi, union home minister Amit Shah, RSS and national security advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval for spreading hate and claimed that they do not understanding people’s suffering.

He said: “I know what hatred is, I have seen it. Those who haven’t seen, faced hatred such as Modi, Amit Shah, RSS, they get scared. I can guarantee, no BJP leaders can walk like this. Because they get scared…Those who spread hatred like Modi, Amit Shah, Ajit Doval or RSS, they can’t understand pain. But CRPF, the army and people of J&K will understand. I can understand what happens to the children of the army jawans, families of J&K.”

The emotional Rahul Gandhi said he was in his geography class when he heard over phone that his paternal grandmother Indira Gandhi has been shot.

Years later, in an US college, a similar call came informing him about Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, Gandhi said.

After traversing 74 districts across 14 states over a span on 136 days, the Bharat Jodo Yatra wrapped up at its final destination, Kashmir, on Monday.

“I can guarantee you that no BJP leader can walk like this in Jammu and Kashmir. They will not do it, not because they won’t be allowed to but because they are scared,” he added.


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