Railway’s move to rename Tippu Express draws criticism

A popular train between Bengaluru and Mysuru Tipu Express has been renamed as the ‘Wodeyar Express’ by the railway ministry.

Another train, Talaguppa-Mysore Express, is also renamed as Kuvempu Express.

Sharing the news, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj S Bommai expressed gratitude to railway minister and stated the move “an apt recognition of our rich heritage and glorious past.”

The move also drew criticism from Muslim community. Many deem the move another attempt by the Hindu nationalist regime to undermine Tippu Sultan.

Sharing an image of Tippu Sultan, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said,” Tipu irks BJP because he waged 3 wars against its British masters. Another train could have been named after Wodeyars. BJP will never be able to erase Tipu’s legacy. He scared British while alive & scares British slaves even now.”

“This is sick. #TipuSultan fought the British colonisers, the Wodeyars allied with the British, but because Tipu was #Muslim, he will be erased completely along with the truth,” tweeted author and journalist Anna MM Vetticad.

Tippu Sultan who goes by the name “Tiger of Mysore” is famous for fighting British in the 18th century.