Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Ram Navami Violence in Bihar Sharif: Muslim women allege police misbehavior, loot

Bihar Sharif in Bihar’s Nalanda district witnessed violence during the Ram Navmi procession, resulting in the looting of shops and houses. However, allegations of misbehavior and loot by the police have now surfaced, leading to fear and insecurity among Muslim women in the town.

According to Rubi Khatoon, a resident of Bihar Sharif, “Bajrang Dal pelted stones on Muslim men returning from Masjids.” Another eyewitness claimed that “the police forcibly entered our houses and misbehaved with the ladies. They searched our houses and took away all our valuables. They snatched the dupattas and earrings from the ladies.”

While speaking to Maktoob, Muslim women of Bihar Sharif have voiced their concerns about the safety of their belongings and people.

“Police abused us and gave us rape threats. We were forced to open the doors, and then they were free to get into our houses. They put ladders in the balcony and entered,” a woman alleged.

In response to the allegations, ADM Patna stated, “When violence happens, these allegations are made. We will not spare anyone. Everyone who is responsible will be punished.” He also claimed that the situation in Bihar Sharif is currently under control.

Violence and vandalism have marred Ram Navami Processions in several states of India, targeting Muslims. Hate speech and stone-pelting against places of worship and shrines were common in all the incidents, which occurred in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, West Bengal, and Gujarat.


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