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Ramdev booked over hate speech against Muslims, Christians

The Rajasthan police filed an FIR against Yoga guru Ramdev on Sunday, a day after a video went viral where he delivered hate speech against Muslims and Christians.

The FIR was registered at Chauhatan police station based on a complaint filed by a local resident, reported news agency PTI citing the police.

Ramdev on Thursday made hate remarks against Muslims, claiming that the Muslims believe offering namaz redeems them from all sins, which leads them to terrorism and crime.

“Ask a Muslim what your religion says, they will say that read namaaz five times [a day] and then do whatever comes to mind. Whether you kidnap Hindu girls, do whatever sin you want to commit,” Ramdev said at an event in Barmer city of Rajasthan.

The saffron man was attending a congregation of seers in Barmer.

“Because that’s what they have been taught…just pray, do whatever else you want to do…They became terrorists, and a lot of them become criminals,” Ramdev said.

In his speech, Ramdev also targeted Christians.

In the video, Ramdev said, “Islam and Christianity were similar in their sole agenda of converting people to their respective religions.”

“I am not criticising anyone but…some people are obsessed with converting the entire world to Islam and…Christianity,” he said.


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