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“Ready to support INDIA Alliance,” Chandrashekar Azad’s aid after historic lead in Uttar Pradesh’s Nagina

Azad Samaj Party (ASP)- Kanshi Ram leader Chandrashekar Azad (Raavan) is independently leading by almost 1 lakh votes in Uttar Pradesh’s Nagina constituency leaving behind all the traditional political parties in the state.

Speaking to Maktoob, Jatin Goraiya, former National Core Committee Member said that the party had anticipated the Nagina seat win as the Muslim-Dalit unity factor worked well for them.

He said, “We have also got significant support from farmers and the Jatt community, so we were confident of winning from the beginning.”

Azad, an Ambedkarite and an anti-caste activist had earlier refused to be a part of the INDIA Alliance however is now ready to lend its support to the collective, as per Goraiya. 

Goraiya said, “If the need arises, the party is ready to support the INDIA Alliance.” 

About Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party, he said, “Since the ASP’s inception in 2020, when it was just a social work organisation and not even a political party, it was like a thorn in her eye. She had always been attacking us. She viewed us as her competition while we only aimed at advocacy for the poor and Ambedkar’s teachings.”

He looks at the lead as a political and a community celebration. 

Party’s treasurer, Virendra Shirish believes that Ravan’s presence on the ground and among people has been a great factor in the major electoral shift in the constituency which has gained him support not only from the Ambedkarite section but also from other communities including Muslims and Jatts.

He said, “Not just communities but people of India should seek inspiration and a lesson from this election.”

Nagina is a Muslim-dominated seat with 70 per cent Muslims in the region. 

Shirish said, “There are other Muslim-dominated seats also but they have not voted strategically. The fight is not only against BJP, it is also for the poor, downtrodden and marginalised and Raavan has hit the right issues and has been working tirelessly for people in the region and got rewarded for it eventually.”

“The community is rejoiced and it is a matter of celebration for a democracy as well as for the community. The kind of ideology, language and personality he poses as a leader is worthy of representing people in the parliament and we are confident he will”, he added.

He further said that ASP will be supporting the INDIA Alliance in the fight to safeguard democracy.

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Om Kumar, SP’s Manoj Kumar and BSP’s Surendra Pal, all are trailing behind. BSP’s Girish Chandra had represented the constituency in the parliament after winning the seat by 3.5 lakh votes in the 2019 Lok Sabha Polls.


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