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Rohith Vemula Shahadath Din: Dalit Organisations give call for Chalo HCU on jan 17

Dalit organisations gave a call for ‘Chalo HCU’ on January 17 to commemorate Rohith Vemula and to protest against the destruction of the portraits of Dr. BR ambedkar and the Dalit leaders and harassment of Dalit students allegedly by University of Hyderabad Vice-Chancellor Podile Apparao.

The decision was taken by Rohith Vemula Struggle and Solidarity Committee held on Monday. In the meeting, the organisations including KNPS, ASA, OPDR, Dalit Sena, DTF, TSEC, CLC, Virasam, TPF, MSO, TVV, DSO, DSU, CAM, BRV(AP) and other organisations have participated and condemned the alleged acts of Podile Apparao.

They also demanded the removal of Podile Apparao as VC and his arrest under SC/ST PoA Act.

There is undeclared emergency in the campus with continuous harrassment with the Dalit students who are fighting for justice for Rohith Vemula, ASA leader Dontha Prashanth said.

Dr. KY Ratnam, faculty at HCU appealed to all the Dalit organizations to file cases against University for destroying the portraits of Dr. BR Ambedkar and all Dalit leaders. He reminded Podile Apparao and police that those portraits are not mere flexis but are symbols of self-respect.

It is shame on the part of University for dubbing Ambedkar, Periyar, Phule as casteist. It must be remembered that in Maharashtra for touching Ambedkar statue even Governments fell down.


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