Sedition law to be paused, those charged can seek bail: Supreme Court

The draconian sedition law will be paused until the government completes its review, the Supreme Court ordered today.

Those already facing sedition charges can approach courts for bail.

The top court Wednesday observed that it will not be appropriate to continue using the sedition law until the reexamination of Section 124A dealing with the offence of sedition is complete.

The apex court stated that it expects the Union. and states to not register any FIRs, continue any probe or take coercive measures by invoking the provisions of Section 124A till then.

This historic verdict came after the Union government informed the court that staying provisions of sedition, upheld by the Constitution, may not be the “correct approach”.

The Union was responding to the Supreme Court, which had sought to know if it will direct states to keep cases under the provision in abeyance until the reexamination of the law is completed.

The Union in its affidavit on Monday had urged the apex court to defer hearing on petitions challenging the Constitutional validity of the law until it can “re-examine and re-consider the provisions of Section 124A”.