“Send to graves, bulldoze houses”: UP cop swears action against people who disrupted puja rally

In a viral video, An Uttar Pradesh police officer was caught swearing to a crowd of Hindu men that he will send people to graves and bulldoze their houses if he finds them disrupting the Durga Puja rally.

The unidentified officer was speaking after clashes broke out between Muslims and Hindus on Monday in Baldirai area of Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur.

At least six people, including a policeman, were injured after clashes broke out between two communities over loud music near a mosque during a Durga Puja immersion procession. A video, accessed by Maktoob, caught hundreds of men brandishing swords wearing saffron caps dancing to DJ music.

The clashes broke out when the Muslim group asked the members of the Hindu rally to lower the music during Azan — a call for prayer — from the mosque.

Muslims have accused police of siding with Hindu groups and unleashing a brutal crackdown on them.

The Hindu audience shouted, “Jai Shree Ram” celebrating the officer’s promise. The video, shared by Maktoob, caused outrage on social media for the officer’s “bias”.

An FIR registered by Sultanpur police station, accessed by Maktoob, names 51 Muslims out of 52 people listed. At least 10 people are detained in connection with the case.

The incident happens days after human rights group, Human Rights Watch released a statement that says, “authorities in India are increasingly using summary and abusive punishments against Muslims deemed to have broken the law.”

A video of publicly flogged Muslim men by police accused of disrupting a Hindu festival in Gujarat also drew widespread criticism against Indian police.