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Aftermaths of a much celebrated Kochi Metro transgender laborers

The Kochi Metro set off with a ground-breaking idea of providing employment to the Transgenders in the state. Almost all of the national and international media celebrated this unique move of Kerala’s Metro Project, which then followed by a video conveying what the new employees wanted to say. But, now, the scenes have turned out to be very dark for them !

This celebrated norm has not made any difference to the loath against them. Unfortunately, a half of the workers have already left the job and is returning to their old occupations itself. The cause for the walk out of a large percentage is due to the social avoidance and dodges.

Ragaranjini is a ticketing staffer in the Kochi Metro.

Ever since the metro trains began its journey, transgenders does not have a clear and comfortable working atmosphere. Intolerable and ignorant attitude from colleagues and station master is the reason why Sweety Bernad left even before a month rounded. And Ragarenjinini in the ticketing counter of the metro rail neither feels secure in this new job. “Since no one is ready to rent us a place, we are hence forced to stay in lodges by paying double the amount of our wages”, she adds.

“Kochi Metro M.D Eliyas had promised that they would be treated as equal to women. But as a matter of fact, women are still paid lesser than men, and if we are, a step behind them, we are paid even lesser. Is this right?” asks Faisal.

It was a shelter, the metro rail workers requested at first. But the demand is still unattended. As the government is equally responsible for making this innovative idea endure even in the future, the workers are striving a lot more to exist in this decent job in-spite of all the setback they’ve been receiving.

Compiled by Tenaaz Mohazin ( Intern at Maktoob Media)


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