“Faith was my sole energy”. Following the end of NIA probe, Hadiya expresses gratitude

Hadiya said that she had suffered so much for embracing Islam and that she thank all those who always stood by her truth, prayed, endured, and helped her financially during the case. Hadiya was responding through a Facebook post, as news of the end of NIA’s probe into her marriage surfaced.

The decision was taken on the basis of the NIA’s finding that no compulsory conversion was done in the marriage of Hadia and Shefin Jahan. The NIA will not be submitting a report to the Supreme Court as there is no evidence of criminal offence in the case.

“Many institutions, who I had hoped to get me justice refused helped and hunted those who were helping me”, she said in her note. “The ruling government, the opposition, the judiciary, the investigating officers, and other government agencies targeted me and called me culprit and mentally derailed, she said.

The NIA had examined 11 cases in addition to the Hadiya case, but the NIA had clarified that, there was no evidence of forced religious conversion. NIA had investigated serious allegations such as forced marriages, foreign funds, love jihad rackets and terrorism in relation to Hadiya and Shefin Jahan’s marriage. These were raised by the Sangh Parivar organizations and the media supported such fabricated claims.

Hadiya’s facebook post is given below

When I chose the path I thought was right for me. The institutions which were supposed to give me some hope as an Indian were all of no use at all. Both Ruling and opposition parties, judiciary, investigating officers and other Central agencies made me feel like I was on the wrong side.T hey judged me as guilty and mentally retarded.

To people,  who stood with my rights, prayed for me, who sacrificed, and helped economically for my legal procedures through those time, I express my regards to everybody.

Police, courts, magistrate, the high court, the supreme court were not familiar at all for a common woman like me. For the sole reason of my belief, I was forced to get familiarize with all these institutions. It’s obvious, I had to face all these scenes only because of me being a Muslim.

My strength and energy to overcome these issues is my strong faith in Allah, who don’t let down . Once again it’s proven Allah will take us to victory if we are in the true side. It’s an impact of collective work and victory rather than my personal victory.

They keep hunting the people only because they supported and protested for me. Though all of those brothers and sisters who came forward for me despite being anonymous to me, shows their determination and truthfulness. Nothing to fear if you have strong faith. My almighty has the ability to do anything at all.

Hadiya Asokan



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