Sunday, March 3, 2024

Girl abducted in Kerala found, Kidnappers still at large

A six-year-old girl, Abigail Sara Reji, who was abducted on Monday evening from Oyoor in Kerala’s Kollam district, was found abandoned after over 20 hours.

Abigail was found abandoned inside a car in Kollam’s Ashram Maidan and taken to police station, TV channels reported. Visuals show the kid being carried to a police vehicle by an officer. The girl is visibly tired.

The kidnappers are still at large

The kidnappers, suspected to be four in number including a woman, came in a white car and abducted the six-year-old girl while she was going for tuition classes along with her eight-year-old brother, according to the boy’s statement to police.

Two ransom calls were allegedly made by the kidnappers. Initially, they demanded Rs 5 lakh and then later doubled the figure.


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