Monday, March 4, 2024

Members of LGBTQ community protest Citizenship Amendment Act

Photo: Shafeeq Thamarassery

Members of the queer collective gathered in Kozhikode on Wednesday to protest against National Register of Citizens and Citizenship Amendment Act, which they claimed “Islamophobic”.

Students, activists and the citizens irrespective of gender, age and religion have been raising their voice against the Act, which they think is unconstitutional and against India’s secular values.

Queer collective members carried placards reading ‘Queer against Islamophobia’ and ‘Revoke CAA, Reject NRC’. They also raised slogans against the BJP, RSS and its Hindutva agendas.

Queer activist Muhammed Unais, activists Gargi H, Naseema Nasreen, K. Ajitha, Aparna Sivakami, Ahana Mekal, Sulfath, Vyas Deep, Mansoor Kochukadav, Shafeek Subaida Hakeem, Bindu Ammini and JNU student leader Waseem RS spoke at the demonstration.


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