Sunday, March 3, 2024

Sri Ram Sena chief assures job, security for men who ‘trap 10 Muslim girls for each Hindu girl’

Pramod Muthalik, Chief of Hindutva outfit Sri Ram Sena in Karnataka, gave an open invitation to men to trap “10 Muslim girls for each Hindu girl” to counter “Love Jihad.”

For this, Muthalik has also given assurances about the job and its security. In the video of the speech, the audience cheers for the apparent hateful remark.

Speaking at a public event in Karnataka’s Bagalkote, Muthalik said, “We are aware of the situation. I would like to invite the youth here. If we lose one Hindu girl, we should trap 10 Muslim girls. If you do so, Shri Ram Sena will take responsibility for you and provide every kind of security and employment.”

“Our girls are exploited in love jihad. Across the country, thousands of girls are cheated in the name of love. We should warn them,” he said.

Muthalik is set to run as an independent candidate in Udupi’s Karkala constituency in the upcoming Assembly elections. He claimed that some BJP leaders have offered financial help for his election campaign.


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