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Suicide note of Lovely University student names NIT Calicut director

The suicide note by a student of Lovely Professional University, who died Tuesday, triggering a massive protest by fellow students on the campus, has been shared by police.

Agin S Dileep (21), a Kerala native, was found hanging in his hostel room on Tuesday afternoon.

Agin, a former student at NIT Calicut joined the college in Punjab after getting expelled from NIT. In his suicide note, he accused professor Prasad Krishna of expelling him from the institution. It is learnt that the NIT authorities refused him to continue his studies after failing a few exams.

In the note, he wrote: “I blame Prof Prasad Krishna for emotionally manipulating me into quitting NIT. I regret my decision so much. I am being a burden to everyone. I am sorry but this is it.”

Prof. Krishna who has more than 38 years of professional experience in several fields, took charge as the Director of National Institute of Technology- Calicut (NIT-C) last year.

“The police are investigating the matter and from the suicide note recovered, the student has taken this extreme step because of the personal problems he faced in his previous institution at NIT Calicut (Kerala), where he studied for two years,” Indian Express quotes Aman Mittal, Vice-President, LPU, as saying.

Earlier, LPU in said a statement the varsity fraternity is “saddened by the unfortunate incident”

A huge protest broke out on the campus of Lovely Professional University late Tuesday night after Akhil was found died.

The protesting students alleged that this was the second suicide reported at the campus in the last 10 days, but “the administration is sweeping it under the rug. The ‘We want justice’ slogans were raised by the angry student protesters.


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