Tamil Nadu: Dalit govt staff forced to fall at feet of caste Hindu triggers protest

Video of a Dalit government staff falling at the feet of a Caste Hindu in Ottarpalayam village, Annur taluk in Coimbatore has triggered a protest in Tamil Nadu.

In the video taken on Friday, Muthusamy, a helper to the Village Administrative Officer, can be seen in tears and prostrating in front of Gopinathan, a man hailing from the Gounder community. According to The News Minute, Muthuswamy claims he decided to fall at Gopinathan’s feet after he was threatened to get sacked.

In an audio clip doing the rounds, Muthusamy says Gopinathan, without any documents, started speaking rudely with the female Village Administrative Officer. When Muthuswamy intervened, Gopinathan allegedly hurdled caste slurs and threaten to use his ‘network’ if Muthuswamy doesn’t fall on his feet.

“What can I even do, born as a Dalit, I need to be submissive but no choice,” Muthuswamy says in the audio.

After public outrage, Coimbatore district collector GS Sameeran has ordered to set up an inquiry committee to investigate.

The video clipping that went viral also showed Gopinath accepting Muthusamy’s apology.