“Tejashwi Yadav will lead in 2025”: Nitish Kumar

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that RJD leader and his deputy Tejashwi Yadav will lead 2025 Bihar polls.

“We are doing a lot. And if there’s anything left to do in the future, then Tejashwi will keep working and will get it all done. Those who want to divide us, don’t try to create trouble at anyone’s bidding. We must stay united and work together. There should be no friction,” Kumar said on Monday.

“Tejashwi is here, I have done whatever I could to take him forward, I will take him even further ahead. You all can see and understand everything. All our officials are working well. Listen to what I am saying. This is not my personal view. Whatever we are doing, we are following the path of Gandhi,” Kumar added at an event they both attended.

According to NDTV, at a meeting of MLAs, Nitish Kumar said today: “Neither am I a Prime Ministerial candidate, nor am I a Chief Ministerial candidate. My goal is to defeat the BJP.” JD(U) leader repeated that “Tejashwi has to be encouraged”.