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The King does not listen to anybody: Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha

Speaking in Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday slammed the BJP government, saying that all institutions are being attacked in the country and took a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying “The King does not listen to anybody.”

“There are two visions. One vision – India is a union of states. It is a partnership, not a kingdom. You will never ever rule over the people of the states of India. It has never been done in 3,000 years…The second vision is ruling India with a stick. A centralised vision. Congress smashed the idea of a king in 1947, but now that has come back. All institutions are being attacked. The farmers do not have a voice in your vision. The ‘King’ does not listen to anybody,” speaking in the Lok Sabha during the debate on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address, former Congress chief said.

“The Judiciary, the Election Commission, Pegasus, these are all instruments of destroying the voice of the union of states,” Gandhi said.

He went on to say: “You are fiddling with something very very dangerous. I know something about the idea of India because blood has been sacrificed for this country not by me but by my family members. My father was blown into bits.”

“Unfortunately, the Presidential Address was a long list of things that the Govt claims to have done but didn’t really contain the deeper strategic issues that we would have liked to see. It didn’t touch a couple of central challenges facing our country,” Gandhi said, speaking first from the Opposition side in the Lok Sabha during the debate on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address.

The presidential address made no mention of unemployment, the Congress leader alleged. “There was not a single word on unemployment in the Presidential Address. The youth across the country is looking for jobs. Your govt is unable to provide them with one,” Rahul Gandhi said.

He adds, “You speak of providing employment, 3 cr youth lost their jobs in 2021. Today India is facing the highest unemployment in 50 yrs. You talk of Made in India, Start-Up India, but the youth did not get the unemployment they were supposed to. The one they had has disappeared.”

Rahul Gandhi claimed that 40 percent of the country’s wealth has gone to a chosen few. Today, the earnings of 84 percent of Indians have dwindled, pushing them towards poverty, he said.

While raising concerns about India’s security, Rahul Gandhi slammed the Union, saying that the current government has made fundamental mistakes in its foreign policy which brought Pakistan and China together.

“Fundamental focus of India’s foreign policy has been to keep Pakistan and China separate. But what you have done is brought the two countries together. This is the single biggest sin you have committed against the people of India,” says Gandhi.

“China has a clear-cut plan which they have implemented in Doklam and Ladakh. This is a very serious threat to the Indian nation. We have made a huge strategic mistake in our foreign policy,” the key Congress leader said.


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