Monday, June 17, 2024

The soundtrack of hate: Videos glorifying Hindu men forcefully putting color on Muslim women shared on social media

In the run-up to Holi, many music videos encouraging Hindu men to put color on Muslim women this Holi were going viral on social media platforms.

A song by Sandeep Acharya who calls himself an Hinduvadi target Muslim woman saying “Chaahe naqaab pehan ke niklo bhaijaan ke sath, ragad ke rang lagega suno mohtarma seedhi baat” (Even if you go out in a veil with your brother, colors will be thrown at you. Just listen to this simple thing),”

The song has spread like wildfire on popular social media apps including WhatsApp, TikTok, and Facebook by thousands of people with Islamophobic and misogynistic captions.

In a second video, a Hindu can be seen groping Muslim women and forcefully putting color on her while the same song plays in the background.

Songs compress Bollywood clips to dance beats — with added lyrics that openly call for the slaughter of Muslims, are amassing huge numbers of views on YouTube and other social media platforms.

“Right-wing hindutva fascists like these have a long history of weaponizing rape against Muslim women in India and Kashmir. This is their core ideology and this ideology is deep-rooted in Sanghis,” Farina Fazal who first alerted this trend on Facebook said.

“A second video has emerged of a Sanghi terrorist singing about applying Holi colors on Muslim women. The mentality behind the two videos is yet another reminder of the gang-rapes of Muslim women in Gujarat & Muzaffarnagar. And of Asifa in Jammu,” journalist and columnist Irena Akbar tweeted.


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