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TISS administration has alienated marginalized students: TISS Tuljapur Students’ Council

The students’ council of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Tuljapur demanded the administration to withdraw ‘authoritative and draconian measures taken against the students’.

The administration has been time and again increasing the fees in some form or another and fifteen students of TISS, Tuljapur were barred to give their examination as they were unable to give their yearly fees all at once, here on Friday.

“The institute further went on to threaten the students to withhold their degree by taking such harsh measures the TISS administration has alienated the students. This lack of accountability and irresponsible nature of the authoritative administration seems highly problematic to the students, especially for the marginalized ones. The institute has also failed to provide the option for students to pay in installment before time which made the students face difficulty paying the entire outstanding fee within the specified short period of time.” students’ council alleged in a statement.

As the way the administration is imposing their rules onto the students is highly discriminatory, the student council claimed for certain needs reiterating that education is a right, not a privilege.

Considering that the students are already paying their fee in accordance to their capacities, they demanded that the students must not be barred by the administration to appear for their examination on the designated schedule date and not a special examination must be taken whether or not the student is able to pay the pending fee in a stipulated time period put forward by the administration.

Also to extend the time period of fee payment as opposed to the deadline set by the institute administration, The withdrawal of income bracket for the students to appear for their exam, removal of the fine imposed for a late fee were the other demands.

They also asked to either deducted from next semester’s fee or refund the rebate amount of each semester. But to make matters worst The institute has not provided any legal assurance to the students and is further delaying the demands put forward by them.

“Starting from 14th March 2020, Three students of TISS started an indefinite hunger strike as the demands put forward time and again by the student body council have been disregarded. They are not going to move an inch back unless the demands are met effectively and efficiently and the exclusive clauses put forward by the institute are revoked. Also considering The institute yet has taken no account of the two students who are on the indefinite hunger strike, it shall be blamed for the deteriorating health of the students protesting”; stated the students’ council.


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