“Tries to vilify Muslims,” SC pauses Sudarshan TV’s “UPSC Jihad” show

Calling the show an attempt to vilify Muslims, The Supreme Court today directed Sudarshan TV to defer the broadcast of its programme touted as a ”big expose on the conspiracy” regarding Muslims “infiltrating government service”, until further orders.

 “It appears that the object of the programme is to vilify the Muslim community and make it responsible for an insidious attempt to infiltrate the civil services… You cannot target one community and brand them in a particular manner, ” the top court said.

The Court also called for the setting up of a committee of five citizens who can come up with standards for electronic media.

On the topic of the Sudarshan TV broadcast itself, Justice Chandrachud observed: “The anchor’s grievance is that a particular group is gaining entry into civil services. How insidious is this? Such insidious charges also put a question mark on the UPSC exams. Aspersions have been cast on UPSC. Such allegations are without any factual basis, how can this be allowed? Can such programs be allowed in a free society?”

The judge, addressing Sudarshan TV Lawyer Shyam Diwan, said: “Your client is doing a disservice to the nation and is not accepting India is a melting point of diverse culture. Your client needs to exercise his freedom with caution.”

Appearing for the petitioners, Senior Advocate Anoop George Chaudhari informed the Court that there were only 292 Muslims in the services at present.

“If you read the transcript you will see that they say Muslims are infiltrating the civil services. They say how Muslim OBCs are eating the share of other OBCs.The show has graphs they have used words like “ha***** gaddar” in the show. Very unfortunate words,” he said.