Twitter bans Khalsa Aid founder Ravi Singh’s account

The Twitter account of Khalsa Aid founder and veteran humanitarian Ravi Singh Khalsa was on Saturday banned in India. His account was “withheld” in response to a legal demand.

“My Twitter account has been banned in India! This is the real face of democracy under the BJP!!,” Ravi Singh shared the screenshot of his Twitter account on his Facebook profile and said.

“Banning Sikh social media accounts won’t stop us raising our voices! We will only get louder!,” he added.

He also shared a video.

In the video, Ravi Singh said that he won’t stop his humanitarian work in India.

He went on to say: “Langar will continue. It will not be affected by the ban. Langar was started by Guru Nanak Dev ji. Many Sikh accounts have been banned recently.”

Khalsa Aid is known for running relief and humanitarian projects all over the world.

The group had come under the radar of Government of India during the historic farmers protest in 2020 when some of its officials were sent notices by National Investigation Agency.

Many including politicians, rights activists and artists took to social media to register their anger over Twitter’s move.

“There is no grace in suppressing the freedom of speech in a democratic country,” said Punjab Assembly speaker Kultar Singh Sandhwan on Twitter.

“We condemn this behaviour of the government and Twitter,” farmer leader Jagjit Singh Dhaliwal tweeted.

“The twitter account of Ravi Singh Khalsa from the global humanitarian organisation Khalsa Aid has been withheld in India. What is so scary about a charity organisation?” read a tweet by Bollywood actor Richa Chadda.