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Umar Khalid, Khalid Saifi discharged in a Delhi pogrom case, to remain in jail in UAPA case

A Delhi court on Saturday discharged human rights activists Umar Khalid and Khalid Saifi in one of the key cases pertaining to the 2020 Delhi pogrom.

Khalid and Saifi have been discharged in the case related to First Information Report (FIR) 101/2020 under the Khajuri Khas Police Station of Delhi. This FIR, registered on 25 February 2020, investigated the violence in the Khajuri Khas area of northeast Delhi.

Despite being discharged in this case, the duo will continue to remain in jail since they have failed to receive bail so far in in the Delhi pogrom larger conspiracy case under draconian UAPA.

“By the grace of Almighty Allah and due to the continuos and exemplary efforts by Senior Advocate Triderp Pais & his team Umar Khalid and Khalid Saifi has been discharged in Delhi riot case of FIR 101. Let us hope they will also be discharged in FIR 59/2020,” read a social media post by Dr. SQR Ilyas, father of Umar Khalid.

Additional Sessions Judge Pulastya Pramachala pronounced the order on 3 December.

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