Sunday, June 23, 2024

Unemployment rising but govt putting money in private entities like Adani: Kharge

“PM Modi promised the country’s population of 2 crores jobs every year. In these 9 years, where are the 18 crore jobs?” asks Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha and Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge.

“There are 30 lakh vacancies in government and public sector… Why is the government not filling them?… You’re sending money to private sector…82,000 crores… Instead invest in public sector. 10 lakh people work in public sector, but you send 82000 crore to private entities like Adani, where only 30,000 people work. Still he gets encouragement,” says Kharge.

“India has paid a heavy price for PM Modi’s programs,” Kharge said.

“According to Oxfam report, the top 5% hold 62% of the country’s wealth. Those at bottom have 3-4% wealth, you (President) didn’t mention that in your speech,” he said.

“Wealth of one of the closest friends of PM Modi increased by 13 times in 2.5 years. In 2014 it was Rs 50,000 cr while in 2019 it became Rs 1 lakh crore. What magic happened that suddenly in two years assets worth Rs 12 lakh crores came, is it due to favour of friendship?” asks Congress chief referring Adani.


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