Wednesday, December 6, 2023

UP: Afreen Fatima says her father, mother, sister picked up from home during midnight raids

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Muslim student activist Afreen Fatima in her complaint to National Women’s Commission, alleged that her father, mother and sister were picked up by the Allahabad police Friday night, without any notice or warrant, and she is unable to find out their whereabouts for the last several hours.

“We are writing with urgent concern for the safety of my father Javed Mohd, mother Parveen Fatima and sister Sumaiya Fatima who were picked up by the Allahabad police yesterday, without any notice or warrant, and whose whereabouts we are unable to find out for the last several hours,” read a complaint which was sent at 3:15 am Saturday by daughters of Parveen Fatima and Javed Mohd.

“Police is also threatening to demolish our house at this hour of the night without any cause,” Afreen said.

The police action came hours after the city witnessed a massive protest against the derogatory comments on prophet Muhammed by Hindutva politicians.

Afreen said her father who is also a national leader of Welfare Party of India, was picked up by cops at 8:50 pm on Friday from his home.

“When friends and family members reached Kotwali Police Station, from where the officers had come, they were not allowed to meet him and the police officials even refused to confirm if he was in their custody,” she said.

“A few hours later, at about 12:00 am some police officers came to my house again and took my elderly mother who is also diabetic and one younger sister with them, asking them to come along with their phones. They were not given any choice in the matter not was anyone in the house informed of where they were being taken or why,” Afreen wrote in her complaint.

“This was in clear contradiction of Section 46(4) of CrPC as the arrest or detention was made after sunset and no papers were provided showing approval of such an arrest or detention, with reasons, by a Judicial Magistrate as per the mandate of the law,” she said.

At about 2:00 am in the intervening night of Friday and Saturday, more police officers came to Afreen’s home and asked her family members to accompany cops to the police station without specifying any reason. When Afreen’s family refused to go, police officers asked them to vacate the house and lock it.

“They have not provided any reasons or papers showing the reasons for doing this, or even that they are authorised to do this in any form,” she said.

Afreen now says she is extremely concerned for the safety of her father, mother and sister, whose whereabouts she is unaware of and for the safety of their own selves and houses as all of them including women and small children are being forcefully evicted from house in the middle of the night without providing any reasons.

“They are threatening to demolish our house at this hour of the night without any cause,” she alleged.

Afreen who was an elected student leader of Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union and an iconic face of anti-CAA movement, is currently a natIonal secretary of Fraternity Movement.

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